1914 Floats - Pictures from the Book of Ages

belshazzarThe Feast of Belshazzar Image
canaanReturn of the spies from Canaan Image
coverSouvenir Cover Image
danielDaniel in the Lion's Den Image
davidDavid and Goliath Image
delugeAfter the Deluge Image
elijahElijah's Ascent in a Chariot Image
expulsionExpulsion from the Garden Image
jacobJacob's Dream Image
jerichoBefore the Walls of Jericho Image
jonahJonah and the Whale Image
josephJoseph Interpreting Pharaoh's Dream Image
joshuaJoshua's Command to the Sun Image
kingxvAk-Sar-Ben King XV Image
mosesMoses in the Bulrushes Image
rebekahRebekah at the Well Image
samsonSamson and Delilah Image
sodomDestruction of Sodom and Gomorrah Image
solomonSolomon and the Queen of Sheba Image
titleTitle Float Image
wildernessIn the Wilderness Image