Ak-Sar-Ben produced medals or pins from its founding in 1895. For the first six years, large commemorative medals were produced. No medal or pin was produced in 1901—apparently, a medal was commissioned, but the design was lost in transit to production. Lapel pins were produced and distributed to all Ak-Sar-Ben members from 1902 to 1996. Following the closing of the racetrack in 1995, a successor organization called Friends of Ak-Sar-Ben was formed, which continued to sell annual memberships, and provided scholarships and social activities. Friends pins were produced in 2002 and 2003, and perhaps other years after 1996, but 2003 was the last year these pins were produced.

I have identified the following categories of membership pins:

In addition, I have included a list of some places to find membership pins.