1896 Floats - The Feast of Olympia

aesculapiusAesculapius - the god of medical art Image
apolloApollo - the god of light Image
auroraAurora - the goddess of the dawn Image
ceresCeres - the earth mother Image
cronusCronus - god of time Image
dianaDiana - the goddess of hunting Image
floraFlora - the goddess of flowers Image
herculesHercules - noted for extraordinary strength Image
junoJuno - the consort of Jupiter Image
jupiterJupiter - the father of all gods Image
justiceJustice - with figures of Crime, Punishment, and Vengeance Image
marsMars - god of war Image
mercuryMercury - the messenger of the gods Image
minervaMinerva - the goddess of wisdom Image
neptuneNeptune - the god of the sea Image
nyxNyx - the daughter of Chaos Image
panPan - the herdsmen's god Image
pegasusPegasus - the winged horse Image
victoryVictory Image
vulcanVulcan - the god of fire Image